What to expect from others once you get hired by an international airline – Updated

Happy Saturday everybody! 🙂

I thought that it would be a good idea to collect all the reactions and feedbacks I received from my environment when they found out I got hired by an international airline.

To be honest, I haven’t shared the good news with that many people. I mean my family and all my friends know about it, but I didn’t want announce on Facebook, so I only posted on Instagram, where I don’t have many followers. According to me, Insta is much more fun to share photos, because so many people can reach them, even if you are not friends or followers or whatever. I never share photos which would be too private, so I don’t mind that everyone can see my profile with all of my pictures. I remember I gained lots of inspiration during the last 2 years following many cabin crew’s profiles (emiratescabincrew hashtag 😀 ) and I enjoyed their photos a lot! So basically, this is what I’d also like to do; to share my adventures with other people who would like to become a cabin crew.


Back to the topic, only my closest friends and acquaintances know about my upcoming new life and of course the office where I work (just 2 weeks left yeee). So here comes the most frequent reactions I have got from people:

1.) You are sooo lucky
This is the number one reaction I keep hearing from most of the people. I am 100% agree that all the hired applicants need some luck during the whole interview process, but we are more than lucky people. Specially in my own case, I have tried 5 times which means I had to face with my failure and disappointment 4 times before, I had to be strong enough not to give up, so I think I am not a lucky but determined and hard worker. Okay,  of course I am lucky too, but I had to work a lot for my luck ;).

2.) You are going to make a lot of money
In Hungary, people have pretty low average salary in comparison with other European countries. It means that the payment which is provided by international airlines is a really great amount of money here. I don’t know how much the minimum rate is in wealthy countries, but people who live there probably don’t find this EK salary that high than the people here in Hungary.
It is kind of frustrating to get reactions like this one. My financial situation is only my business, I hate when people insist to talk about money and they want me to tell them how much I am going to earn. I don’t mind to talk about money with my family and closest friends, but not with almost-strange people. My closest colleague is the one who always talks about it, and she drives me nuts. She is a nice girl but it is still too much from her. It’s true that I am going to earn a lot more money in Dubai than here, but I have to work for it as well, I don’t get it as a gift!

giphy (1)

3.) Will you get me free tickets, won’t you?
This is something which is also very common, at least according to my experiences. I have no idea why people think cabin crew can get unlimited free tickets, but they do! Okay, some people are actually kidding, but some of them are serious. I don’t know if it makes me amused or annoyed. I guess it depends on the exact person who leave this comment. I’m happy to get discount tickets for my friends and family, but I can’t get it to (and don’t want to) everyone. Sorry,! (or not so sorry)

4.) Is it going to be good for you there?
When I told to my manager that I am going to resign and work as a flight attendant, it was the first sentence which came out of his mouth. He used to travel a lot by airplanes during his previous job so he thinks he knows what it is to be a cabin crew, because he “saw it”. I guess everybody has heard about the recent news (hazing ritual forced Chinese female flight attendants into overhead bins) or other “nightmares” stories about being a flight attendant, but actually I simply don’t care, but my environment does! My friend just sent me the link above and she was so concerned and upset, she was like “I hope it is not going to happen to you”. Other people are worried because they think my life will be in constant danger, and they simply don’t want to accept the FACT, that air travelling is the safest way to travel and the most dangerous part of my job will be when I travel by CAR to the airport or to the hotel…
I have heard many people’s concerns about my future job, my friends are also worried, but they could say nothing to scare me. This is my dream, so I know it is going to be good for me there :).

5.) I know it better than you do!
I think we all have “friends” and acquaintances who think they know everything better. Let me share you my favorite ones: “you are going to be a waitress, you will have to clean the toilet, it is a very tough job and you will have no time for anything”, etc. Do they really think that I don’t know the possible hardships?! It has been my dream for almost 2 years, which means I did researches during that time, so I know better how it works. My absolute favorite one:

“Don’t think you will have chance to discover the world”.

People think that I will only see airports and no cities. When I explain them that for big international airlines it works on a different way, they simply don’t want to belive it. When I tell them I will have at least 24 hours in each cities, they say it will be nothing :D. These people are simply jealous, I am sure they would be also happy to spend 24 hours in Johannesburg, Rio, Sydney, Bangkok, or anywhere else. 24 hours is going to be enough to feel the spirit of the exact city and that will make me happy enough.


6.) I am happy for you but sad as well, because I am not hired yet!
Well, this is really hard reaction to face with. During the 8 months of trying and the 1,5 years of preparing, I have met so many people who chase the same goal as me. With some of these people I became very good friends. They are happy with me and my success but on the other hand they are sad and disappointed too. We started together, had a long journey together and I am already in but they are not yet. They might think that they have to catch up wit me or they do believ that they are not good enough anymore, which is an absolute bullshit. It is a really tough feeling indeed (I have experienced the same), and I want them not to lose hope but gain more motivation seeing my success. If they have to try more than I had, it still means nothing! I have heard about cases when the applicants had tried more than 9-10 times and finally they got the job. All we need is determination and some luck. 🙂

7.) I am so happy for you, my dear friend!
The last one is my favorite one and unfortunately most rare reaction I have received so far. I have friends who had known about my dream for the beginning and they didn’t stop encouraging me. These people gave me so much motivation during my whole way. Thank you very much for being there with me! ❤ ❤ ❤

giphy (2)

This is the end of my list. The people who are in the same situation, what do you think? Would you complement the list with another point? Let me know in comment, please! 🙂

Dorottya xxx


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