Vaccines part 2

Hello guys,

I am having a day off today and tomorrow as well, so I couldn’t be happier :). I only work less than 3 weeks, but it is still good to have some extra off days. It was not only about relaxing, I went to the Vaccination clinic and got my 2 leftover vaccines.


So, this is my completed form. I haven’t uploaded to the portal yet, because I have been lazy :D. Just kidding, actually I still need to get my immunity of varicella examined and I have some concerns about Hepaptis B vaccine.

The doctor told me today that I would need the third dose of Hepatitis B. In Hungary two is enough and actually it gives you immunity, but she said that it worked on another way abroad, so probably Emirates is going to require the third dose as well. I still think that I am not gonna get it here in Hungary but in Dubai as soon as I arrive. Maybe I don’t even need the third dose, we will see :). I am not really worried or something, but it would have been great to finish with everything.

image17                       This is the International Certificate of Vaccination

By the way, today I got Polio-Diphtheria-Tetanus (3in1 😀 ) and Meningococcal. They were not painful at all, not like last time, though my arm is a bit swollen and have some light pain now. I didn’t have to wait much and the staff was friendly this time as well. I still have 39 days until joining and I think I still have time to make everything ready and arranged. I don’t want to leave important things for the last minute.


Tomorrow I am gonna get some health tests completed. The UAE resists to give visa if you have Hepatitis B / HIV / Syphilis / TB. I am healthy and I have never had the suspicion about having serious disease, but I am still a bit worried, so I wanna make sure I get the visa before I travel to Dubai.




2 thoughts on “Vaccines part 2

  1. Hi dear Dorottya! 🙂 Hope everything is fine 🙂 I see you’re in preparing process fully :))) I suppose it’s very exciting 🙂 I can make a conclusion that joining to Emirates it’s pretty long process, while you collect all necessary info and docs but I’m sure it’s worth. Please keep going with your posts :)))) have a nice day 🙂


    1. You are so sweet, thank you for your kind words!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤ Thanks God, I am doing well, I think I am in a pretty good pace with all the joining stuff. I will keep ypu updated, even if I don't post, I think about my blog and the future posts every day :P.
      Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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