My first shopping before the big day

Hi people! 🙂

So as I wrote before, I don’t feel myself very good these days. Yesterday I even had fever, but during the night I was sweating like a pig so when I woke up I was almost fine. So I decided to go to work and shopping after all :).


I have been thinking about writing this post or not. I am not sure how interested you are in these kind of stuff, but I would like to share as much as possible about my whole moving and joining period so eventually I decided to give it a try :). If I have any male readers (I know about one at least, but I hope I even have more) this post is not going to be interesting for you guys, I am sorry about this :D.

This Thursday-Friday and Saturday we have “shopping days” here in Hungary. It means you can get great discounts in many shops if you have coupons. I really hate this kind of days, because shopping centres are full, the queues are longer than ever and I get upset very quickly. Basically I am not a shopaholic girl, I mean I like shopping, but most of the time I don’t have enough patience. I prefer online shopping anyway.

The thing is, that I need to buy many stuff before I move to Dubai. I need complete outfit for the training, many accessories, etc. The most important thing for me was a laptop. I used to have a cute small netbook but it has been broken for a long time, so I have always used my sisters’, parents’ laptops when they were out, haha.
I didn’t want to buy a big “proper” laptop and being honest with all of you, I don’t have that much money right now, so I could simply not afford to buy a really good one. On the other hand I find netbooks too small and slow, so finally I decided to choose an Acer with 13 inches screen for 20% discounted price. I am using it right now, and I love it :D. It is so good to have my own laptop after a long time even if it is not the best one you can buy.


The quality of the picture is not the best though, I guess you can see the wallpaper I set which is the famous and only Burj Al Arab in Dubai, just to feed my motivation 😀 (not like I had no enough).

Today after I finished work, I headed to a shopping centre where my exact destination was H&M which is one of my favorite shops (not like I had many) where I could shop with 20% discount, too. I have tried a black pair of elegant pants few days ago, so I didn’t have to queuing to get into the changing room which was a big relief. Finally I bought many stuff there:

  • Black pair of pants
  • Black handbag
  • Black cardigan
  • Hair donut
  • Golden bobby pins
  • Clothes cleaning roller (sorry guys, I have no idea about the proper English name)


All I need to buy is a black pair of flat shoes, preferably ballerinas, to make my future trainee look complete. I have seen a really pretty one somewhere, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in my size, but I keep searching for it.


By the way, I simply love my new bag! It was a bit expensive, but it is so pretty, massive and sturdy, so I think it’s totally worthy. It is also big enough to carry my new laptop, I can’t wait to wear it in the Headquarter and in the Training college :D.

image   image

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of these great discounts, so I also purchased some make-up items (actually only two as you can see above). I had 50% discounts for these beauties, so it was also a pretty good deal.

As I have written before, I need shoes for my training outfit, I also need watch, many pairs of stocking, belt, further hair accessorizes, etc. So actually there is still a lot to purchase, however I don’t plan to write further post about my shopping experiences. This was my biggest shopping, so that’s enough I assume :).
I would like to know your opinion about this post, so please leave a comment if you liked (or hated) it! Thanks everybody, have a great weekend!

Dorottya xxx


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