Vaccines part 1

Have a great Saturday everybody! 🙂

So today is an open day in Hungary, Budapest. If I hadn’t been successful in August, I would definitely be there today. It feels so weird and wonderful of course! Somehow I miss attending open days/ assessment days which is crazy! 😀 So today I woke up at 10am and I am drinking my morning coffee right now, while I could be in Sofitel Hotel with all the other candidates. This is the best feeling ever, because I finally made it!

giphyIn this post I would like to write about the vaccines I have recently got. As I have written in my previous post, if you get the job, you need to get almost all of the travel vaccines.
I still have 48 days until joining but I would like to get everything ready (which includes all the medical stuff as well) in October. My dental treatments are done (except tartar removal) so they next step was the vaccines. On this Tuesday I asked for a day off and went to the National Center of Epidemiology, where I didn’t need an appointment. I just went there and I was lucky eneough, I didn’t have to wait because I was the only patient there.

imageEmpty waiting room

I had to fill a form and when I was ready they called me in a room where I discussed with a doctor about the vaccines I needed. I gave her my vaccines books and the official form I downloaded from the career site.
We quickly discussed which ones I could get that time. These were:
– Yellow fever
– Typhoid
– Hepatitis A

First I got the yellow fever and I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask the doctor: “Is it painful generally?”. I was so surprised because she answered with a “no”. She said the needle was very thin, that’s why I wasn’t going to feel anything, and she was right! I got the other two vaccines in my other arm and honestly, those were painful, but it didn’t last for long, and I survived, right? 😀

I have got a pretty yellow international certificate book and they asked me to call them on the next week and ask about vaccine I still need to get, because they didn’t have it that time. So, if I go again I will get Polio-Diphtheria-Tetanus and Meningococcal.


After we finished they suggested me to drink something and wait 20 minutes before I would go home. I could only wait around 10 minutes in the waiting room (I was inpatient haha) then I left. Before I went home I visited a restaurant where I consumed a very good bowl of soup and a slice of cake. I only took picture about the cake, but they were both awesome! They were from Syrian cuisine and I was eager to taste them. I wanted to pampering myself after getting three vaccines. Not like it was a big deal, but I needed a good reason why I spent money on food while I had lunch at home :P.

imageSemolina cake with sesame and rose-water lemon syrup

I can not wait to become a cabin crew, travel the world and try the greatest cuisine from all over the world!
Around 4 days have passed, which means I “survived” the vaccines without any side effects. I am not sure, but I think I could have had fever or diarrhea and who knows what else. I hope I can get the rest on next week, I would be happy to tick vaccines on my invisible to do list. I am definitely getting closer to Dubai :D.

Have a lovely weekend everybody and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Also if you would like to read about something I have not posted yet, feel free to tell me!




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