The famous workbook

Hi everybody,

Finally it is Friday again, which means weekeeeend! 😀 The time flies so fast, I will be in Dubai very soon! Hard to believe, I remember when I got the Golden call, I still had more than 70 days until the joining, but now it is less than 50. Crazy!

So, let’s talk about the famous workbook! 😀 I am sure that all of you who last to be cabin crew for EK have ever heard about this goodie or seen picture about it.

You get this workbook after the FA, when the next step (Training Induction) on the Selected candidates portal will be available. You can open the workbook in pdf and easily download as well. This is what I did and got it printed on the following day. Printing fee was soooo expensive (almost the price of a real book) but I was so happy to get my OWN copy! This feeling is something I can not compare with anything else.

What does it contain?

– Information about Emirates
– General aviation information
– Cabin crew training
– Learning styles
– About you
– Aviation terminologies

It also have many activities and researching tasks you can complete. I do not really want to go into the details, I would like to let it be a surprise for you, something you can also discover, like I did :).

The negative side

Although this workbook is useful and wonderful, it is an old version :(. The route map was up to date in 2009, but in the last six years Emirates have extended its destination net, so there is a lot you need to complement.

What do you need to do?

It is simple; do what you want. To read, to complete and to study the content of the workbook is not compulsory at all. You can do whatever you’d like to. No one is going to check on you and once you arrive to Dubai, you don’t need to report about your homework :D. I guess you are gonna learn everything anyway, but it is still better to prepare. At least if you have some free time before joining. To tell you the truth, I have read the workbook but haven’t studied much. I think I still have time :).



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