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Hi people! 🙂

My previous post was about all the necessary steps you need in order to get the Final approval. Once you’ve got it, there is still a lot to complete before the joining. On the following photo you can see how my Selected candidate portal looks right now, after the FA.


Although the “Resignation” is automatically ticked right after you get the FA, you need to submit a query to make it 100% complete. The query has to say that you are going to be able to join on your joining date and you have informed your current employer about your leaving.


I’ve got an answer on the same day, which was simple and short, they said “Thank you for the update”. I like responds like this one :D.

Dental health form

To complete this medical form is also urgent, however you don’t need it for the final approval. I didn’t want to visit my dentist before the FA, because I wanted to make sure I’ve got the job indeed, so all the money I spend would not be useless (dentists are sooo expensive!). I would suggest you to do the same unless you are rich haha.

The form consists what dental conditions you need to have if you work for Emirates. This is your dentist who needs to fill this form. He/she has to mark all of your missing, filled teeth, or crowne, bridge,carious you have. Your dentist also have to declare about the followings:
– Teeth and gingiva
– General appearance
– Treatment recommended
– Treatment carried out

Vaccination certificate

You need to get almost all the travel vaccines! As far as I know, the yellow fewer is the only one which is a must, but all the others are highly recommended. I am not sure how it works in the reality, I think all of them are must, even if the form says something else. You can get them when you arrive in Dubai (though they are going to charge you), but I think it is better to have them while you are still home. If any side effects occur, it’s better to “suffer” at home, instead of a new country, during an intensive training. But it is up to you :).

Further examinations

I am not 100% sure, but you can also get the other examinations in Dubai, but all I can do, is repeating myself; it is better to finish with all the medical when you are still at home. My worst nightmare is to get rejected in Dubai due to some medical issues, so that’s why I find it very important.

– Blood test for HIV
– Blood test for Syphilis
– Blood test for Hepatitis B surface Antigen
– Chest X-ray for tuberculosis

I have heard that the X-ray will be completed in Dubai even if you have previously got it in your home country (though I am not sure about this information. If anyone has exact information, please let me know). Radiation is very harmful for your organism, let alone double dose. That’s why I am not gonna get it done here in Hungary but in Dubai.

So, these were the most important step syou need to take care about once you get the Final approval. It is all about medical, which sometimes is very nerve-wracking. I am not a hypochondriac girl, I have never been, but I am still so nervous :/. I hope everything will be fine!




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