What do you need to get the Final approval?

Have a great October everybody!

As I have mentioned before, I am a member of an extended Facebook group, which is called “Emirates approval in progress status”. I guess  this group originally was created exclusively for those who actually got this status after the final interview. Nowadays it became the biggest Emirates related closed group with more than 11 000 members, which is an amazing number!

Why I am writing about this group? I am keep watching the posts on daily basis, and there are so many confused and worried people, who have no idea when they get the Final approval.

What is the Final approval?

This is basically an e-mail you get after completing the joining formalities. You also get a confirmation that you can resign if you are currently working. They highly recommend you not to resign before getting this e-mail. This mail is your “green card” to Emirates, nothing is 100% until you get this one. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is still not 100% guaranteed, cause there are so many medical conditions you have to meet, but this is definitely a good start :).

What do you need to complete to get the Final approval?

– Signing the contract
– Online Joining Form
– Documents for Security
– Medical forms

The contract: this is personally made for you. You need to read it and then accept it, that’s all :D.

Online joining form: As far as I remember, I had to give some basic information about myself and my family members (parents, siblings), but it was easy to complete. Unfortunately that’s all I remember :/.

Documents for security: you need to upload the copy of your passport, your updated CV and a passport size photograph.

Medical forms: you are going to get a long document which consists different parts. You only need to upload part – A and part – B in order to get the final approval. You don’t immediately have to upload the rest, however the Certificate of dental health is also urgent, so complete and upload it as soon as you can.

Medical part – A: this is a declaration you need to print, sign and re-upload. This is about the mandatory medical examination you need to undergo before or as soon as you join to Emirates. You don’t get visa without these.
The rest is about the terms of the insurance and pre-existing medical conditions.

Medical part – B: this one includes three pages and you have to upload them separately. Basically this is the form of your medical history. There are tons of questions you have to answer with a yes or no. For example: frequent head ache, eating disorder, depression, etc. If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions, you need to give specific information. At the end, you also have to calculate your BMI index.


That’s all you need to do to get the final approval. I have never had any serious medical disease or disorder in my entire life, so I ticked “no” almost everywhere. If you had something, it probably takes longer to get any respond back from the HR team. Probably they are gonna require further documents about your health condition, but I am not sure about this process, because I am unfamiliar with it. This is a stage, were you can still get rejected. Cabin crew need to be medically fit for this job, that’s why.




6 thoughts on “What do you need to get the Final approval?

  1. Hi Dorottya! 🙂 I’m reading your blog and I’m very excited. Thank you very much for your advices! Actually I would like to ask you about scan copy of the recent UAE exit stamps that’s mentioned above. I’ve already visited UAE two times but now I’m having a new passport that is surely clean. My old passport (there are these stamps) was taken away from me due to issue a new one. I’m confused what to do in this case.
    Thanks and have a nice day :)))


    1. Hello lovely Vita, welcome to my blog! 🙂 Thank you very much for your kind words, your respond means a lot to me!
      I have never been in the UAE before, so unfortunatelly I don’t have expereince with any visas :/. In your case, I think you should write them a query and explain the situation. I do not think it would be or will be a problem :). They are quite flexible haha.


  2. Hi, I found your blog today and I love it! It is very helpful as I am going to an OD next year in spring 🙂 I wanted to ask one thing – when you get you GC, is it true that you can join the airline later? Because I am doing my bachelor degree in May and in case I don’t pass the exam, I have to try again in September. So if I get the GC in April or somewhere around the time, I would have to postpone my joining to September/October just in case of not passing the bachelor degree. I read somewhere that you can postpone your arrival to Dubai for about 6 months. Hope you understand my question 🙂


    1. Hey Claudia, thank you for your kind words! 🙂 Fist of all, you are very beautiful, I just checked your blog, I wish I could understand, cause it looks so chick and nice :D.
      I understand your question clearly :). During the final interview, you have to give them a date when you could join, so they will get this information as soon as your files arrive to Dubai. You are right, you can postpone the DOJ with 6 months, counting from the final interview. If you had your final interview in April, you could postpont until October. If I were you, I would try a bit later, around May-June, just in case :). Doing final exams only weeks before the joining must be too intense, but it’s up to you :).
      Good luck!


  3. Hi hi, thanks for your blog posts! I enjoyed reading them! Very informative and detailed. Reading about how you get ready to move to dubai got me excited too! I would like to know if you had to pay for the tickets to Dubai or the tickets were provided?


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